Saturday, 30 March 2013

Its Fishing Open Season and Florida Waters are Waiting for You!

Destination Florida

If you’re planning to go on a fishing trip, you don’t have to go outside of the country. In fact many tourists come to enjoy our rich fishing resources and one of them is in Florida. There are many great Florida fishing destinations in this wonderful state and you’ll not be lacking options because of the wide fishing ground choices that are available to you. The Florida Keys holds as one of the most popular destinations among family vacationers. You have to make reservations months before prior to coming over. It’s right at the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and if you have a particular liking to bonefish, this is the place for you. You can fish right in the Long Key State Park with your kayak fishing.

Choices to make

There are lakes, coves, parks, bays, dams, oceans and seas all waiting to be fished, The presence of several species of fish will make your trip both enjoyable and interesting. You can go to the fishing areas where the fish of your choice is abundant and you won’t be disappointed. There’s always a catch to be had. Treat yourself in Lake Okeechobee where giant largemouth bass fish is in abundance. Or you can go to Sarasota Bay where trout and grouper are plentiful. It’ll be helpful if you know the rules and regulations concerning Florida Fishing seasons. You can read them on the internet.

The boats

Now how do you go about your fishing in the waters of Florida? You can bring your own yacht or boat if you have one. But if you have none there are many Florida fishing charter boat rentals available that you can use. You can opt for boats with or without crews, speed boats, sailboats, drift boats, kayaks, catamarans, and many more. There are also boats ideal for open seas and those that are in protected waters like dams and lakes. The best months for fishing are usually during middle of spring seasons up to end of fall. These are the months of April up to November. You can still fish during off season and you’ll have less competition.

The guides

When it comes to finding Florida fishing guides you can hire professionals but it’s going to cost you more. They can let you use their boats as well. What you should look for from them are two things. They must have compliance from the coast guards and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) Charter Boat/Captain License. These are just for saltwater fishing. If you’re fishing in fresh water, on the shore or on surf your guide doesn’t need to have a license.  Salt water Florida Fishing Guides may charge you more.

Familiarize yourself

To fully get the most enjoyment from your Florida fishing trips, make some research and readings to familiarize yourself about the whole outing. Chartering boats and hiring fishing guides are very crucial to your entire activity. You should know the rates and where to look for cheaper alternatives in order to keep your budget intact.

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